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Yaga is "an action-RPG inspired by Slavic folklore"

We talked with lead writer and designer Catalin Zima-Zegreanu at Gamescom, so we could hear more about the title.

Breadcrumbs Interactive is preparing a game called Yaga, and after talking multiple times about the action-RPG in the past, we caught up once again with lead writer and designer Catalin Zima-Zegreanu at Gamescom last month to hear what the game is and where the idea originally came from.

"Yaga is an action-RPG inspired by Slavic folklore, and you get to play as a one-handed blacksmith followed by bad luck," he explained.

"The choice came about because we remember a lot of Russian stories from when we were kids, and we loved those characters and creatures and we said the Western audience hadn't heard of it very much up until The Witcher, and we thought that we could take an interesting spin on it. And we just gathered lots of fairy tales and folk tales and elements that we liked about it and 'okay let's put this and this together and do an action-RPG'."

You can hear more about Yaga in the interview below, with the title itself referring to the mythical Baba Yaga.

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