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Y: The Last Man was cancelled due to an unfortunate timing window

A report suggests that the show's viewer base was not the determining factor.

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Despite the series still currently airing, FX has already pulled the plug on a second season of Y: The Last Man. The show that is set in a world where the majority of men have perished due to an unforeseen circumstance, is an adaptation of Brain K. Vaughan's comic series, which began to stream on Hulu (and Disney Plus for those of us in Europe) in September.

The abrupt cancellation did make it seem as though the show was not doing well, leading FX, the production company, to axe the idea of continuing the series, however a new report by The Hollywood Reporter reveals that the show was actually just a victim of timing.

It was revealed that due to continuous delays which revolved around the pandemic and the series having to find new showrunners, the show began production in late October 2020, rather than taking place in 2019 as was originally intended. These delays led FX to have to pay certain members of the cast and crew extra amounts of money as part of the extension options to ensure that they would still be available to portray their characters in the show, years after they were originally expected to do so, which in total ended up costing FX more than it expected to produce the series - despite still remaining under its $8.5 million-per-episode budget.

These extensions also ran out on October 15, which meant that FX had to decide whether to once again extend its cast to see how well the show had done on streamers, or rather drop the series, with FX choosing the latter as it meant the production company didn't have to shell out an extra $3 million on an already expensive show.

While the writing is on the wall, Y: The Last Man isn't quite dead yet. FX is interested in finding the show a new home, but there has been no word on whether any other production company is looking to pick this up just yet.

Y: The Last Man was cancelled due to an unfortunate timing window

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