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XSET said to be exiting Apex Legends

The team has released its team but it seems like its time in the esport is over too.

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XSET has been a stable force in the competitive Apex Legends world for around four years, but it seems like, as with all good things, this is coming to an end. One of the members of XSET's Apex team has announced that they, alongside the rest of the team, have been released by XSET, and that the organisation is pulling out of Apex altogether.

Specifically, Israel "Koyful" Lawrence spoke on X, adding, "Following split 1, XSET let us know that they are withdrawing from apex. After discussing w the team I have decided to explore all available team options for split 2 and am an unrestricted free agent."

This decision means that not just Koyful, but also Brandon "oh Nocturnal" Singer, Brandon "FunFPS" Groombridge, and coach Haris "Hodsic" Hodzic are out of jobs right now.

XSET has yet to confirm the departure from Apex Legends, but no doubt this will be coming soon to be in line with Koyful's recent comments.

Apex Legends

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