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XP may get reworked or removed from Rust

Maurino Berry speaks out after recent criticism of the system.

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Rust lead developer Maurino Berry has posted on Reddit saying that open-world survival sim may not feature XP at all in the future.

Berry had recently added XP to the game to introduce some structure to the game in terms of grinding, and despite the initial popularity of the move ahead of launch, perspectives have changed for both the studio and the fans.

Commenters on Reddit and Steam have been critical of the new XP system, saying it doesn't work, and Berry has now offered his own view, saying that "I'm not deaf nor blind to this, and I'm leaning towards the whole thing needing a rethink."

"In some ways," Berry continued, "the XP system is the antithesis of what Rust was all about: it forces players to do things in a certain order and takes away from the sandbox feeling of the game. We added this because people were bitching about how grindy hitting barrels and hoping for blueprints was, but I neglected to realise that the randomness could actually lead to some interesting situations and forced you to work with what you had."

Although this doesn't set anything in stone, it does indicate that maybe XP may either get reworked or removed from Facepunch Studios' title.


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