Xiaomi's SU7 EV seems to be very competitively priced

It seems like the car could be quite an accessible EV.

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We've known for a while that the Chinese technology giant Xiaomi has been looking to make a name for itself in the electric vehicle space, in the form of the SU7 car that will debut sometime later this year. While Xiaomi already shared a bunch of information about that car, the pricing information has now been revealed and it seems to paint a very interesting picture.

As per Auto Express, the SU7 is supposed to start at around 220,000 Yuan (which equates to around £24,000). This would be for the base model, with the Pro increasing to 245,000 Yuan (£27,000) and the Max even higher at near 300,000 Yuan (£34,000).

It should be said that these UK prices are not confirmed due to the fact that Xiaomi has yet to outline which countries will be in its rollout proposal this year. Plus, should the SU7 launch in the UK, there will be a tariff imposed on the car as is the case for all Chinese EVs arriving in the country. Still, even if this is the case, the SU7 will be much more competitively priced than a new Tesla, which for example, can start retailing around £35,000 in the UK.

Xiaomi's SU7 EV seems to be very competitively priced
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