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X-Force joins Deadpool in Fortnite

Cable, Psylocke and Domino are now available for purchase in Epic Games' content-rich Fortnite.

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Deadpool never goes unnoticed wherever he is, not even in Fortnite, but the irreverent anti-hero decided he needed company for his foray into the Epic game.

If you visit Fortnite's store, you will find that three members of X-Force, Deadpool's group of mischievous heroes, namely Cable, Psylocke, and Domino. If you don't know them, here's a short description taken from Fortnite's website:

  • Cable, the time-displaced, battle-hardened leader of the X-Force.

  • Psylocke, the telekinetically-enhanced master martial artist.

  • Dominó, the elite mercenary with luck always on her side.

Epic also added the Deadpool suit for X-Force, which swaps the classic red for a new white. To unlock it you need to complete the week 9 challenges of the current season.


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