XDefiant is dodging one major flaw in a lot of multiplayer games

So long SBMM... in casual games at least.

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A lot of consistent multiplayer gamers have become increasingly frustrated with SBMM, or skill-based matchmaking, as you may know it. Essentially, the problem falls into every game feeling like a great war that is only won by the skin of your teeth. It puts a lot of pressure on players to always bring their best, and makes a lot of matches feel the same.

XDefiant is looking to avoid that problem, at least in casual games. According to a lengthy explanation from Ubisoft, we see that the shooter is going to ditch SBMM in its casual playlist. "We believe that no SBMM is paramount to a fun and varied game experience in the long-term," reads the post.

You'll still be matched with people at your skill level in ranked play, of course, but if you want to just jump in and play you won't have to worry about being matched with those of equal skill, and getting yelled at by a teammate if you're off your game.

XDefiant launches on the 21st of May.


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