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Xcom 2: War of the Chosen unveiled at E3

The expansion brings new units to both sides.

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The first game to appear on stage during The PC Gaming Show at this year's E3 was Xcom 2, with the upcoming War of the Chosen expansion revealed and detailed.

Firaxis' Jake Solomon was on stage to reveal that the new content, coming in August, will mean "tons of new toys for players to engage with", boasting that it will be twice the size as the previous biggest Xcom expansion (we can't be sure whether he means DLC for Xcom 2, or Enemy Within for the first game).

First up players will be going up against three champions of the alien army, each of which has been designed to take down Xcom. Players will be fighting each of these Chosen enemies multiple times, and to make matters worse, they learn new skills and abilities, even procedural strengths, as they go.

It sounds a little like the Nemesis system from Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor. The three Chosen that we'll no doubt be cursing time and time again during the campaign are as follows: the Assassin, honour bound and stealth driven. The Hunter is a sniper specialist. Finally, the Warlock is, well, a warlock.

Xcom 2Xcom 2Xcom 2

On the other hand, there are three factions fighting Advent, and like the Chosen, they have distinct philosophies and fighting styles. Players will have to enlist them, winning them over to their cause. Solomon said doing so will bag you three of the most powerful units ever in Xcom.

The Reapers are stealth marksmen and saboteurs. The Skirmishers are defectors from the alien army, essentially rogue alien-human hybrids. The Templars are psionic wildings that have a Halo light sword-like melee weapons. They have 'focus' that makes them stronger or gives them powerful abilities.

Xcom 2Xcom 2

There's also The Lost. During the course of the campaign, Xcom goes back to cities that were lost during the initial invasion, and there are zombie-like creatures waiting. They don't like Xcom, but they don't like aliens either, so they represent a horde-like extra faction to keep things messy, or as Solomon calls it: "beautiful chaos".

Xcom: War of the Chosen is out on PC on August 29.

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