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Xcom 2 expansion teased ahead of E3

We'll find out when the real war begins on June 12.

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Firaxis has teased an announcement ahead of E3, with the studio confirming Xcom 2 will be on stage during the PC Gaming Show in LA on June 12.

Apart from a new slogan ("The real war begins"), there's little to no information with regards to what we might find out next week, although we'll venture our best guess, and that's that the strategy-focused studio is preparing to unveil a new expansion for the game.

If that's the case, the question is then; will it be a major release, similar to when they updated Xcom: Enemy Unkown with Enemy Within, or will it be something altogether more modest?

As always, Gamereactor will be watching and waiting for more intel, and we will share it with you here as soon as we hear anything of note.

Xcom 2

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