Xbox's Project Scorpio isn't all about teraflops

Phil Spencer has shed some light on the console's tech.

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The release of Microsoft's Project Scorpio is still a year away, but even now we're getting little details releasing out to the public, and most of it is coming from the Head of Xbox himself, Phil Spencer.

In an interview with Stevivor, Spencer offered his own description of a teraflop, something that the Scorpio was touted to have six of when it was first revealed.

"Well, I try not to really talk using the term," Spencer said. "It's like a car — you wouldn't describe how fast it goes using only one characteristic. But I guess it's like a teraflop is like horsepower — you'd probably have in your head what 100 horsepower could do, or 200."

Spencer went on to say that it's not all about the teraflops, continuing his analogy of it being like a car. "But it's much more than that - there's other things that dictate how fast the car goes," Spencer went on, "A transmission. Its weight. It's the same with Scorpio; it's not just the number of teraflops that makes it powerful."

Spencer continued, saying that the Scorpio wasn't just a decision made in the last year or so, and compares the leap to the transition to HD in the last console generation. "We had to make decisions like 4K, to run games in 4K natively, years ago," he said. "We thought it would be like the jump to HD with the Xbox 360. Obviously, it's different — that was from a 4:3 ratio to 16:9 — but it's still the same idea."

There's still so much more we have to learn about Project Scorpio ahead of its launch in the holiday season of next year, so Phil Spencer's little teases are appreciated, despite them making us ever more impatient for an actual reveal of the console. Will you be getting one when it comes out?

Xbox's Project Scorpio isn't all about teraflops

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