Xbox's October update rolls out new profile themes

A trio of themes have been launched to celebrate the launch of the Xbox Series.

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The Xbox October update is now here and it brings several new additions that extend beyond typical stability improvements. It will also reportedly be the last major console update before the Xbox Series makes a full launch this November.

Easily the most enticing feature from this update is that players can now customise their profiles with themes. Players have the opportunity to select from several themes developed by Xbox Games Studios, and this includes three that are in celebration of the Xbox Series launch. As well as on Xbox consoles, these themes are also available in the Xbox App on PC and through Game Bar. The library is set to expand over time, but it's unclear at this point how frequently Xbox will be rolling them out to its users.

Also within the update is a Netflix-like sign-in system where you can easily toggle between different profiles that are affiliated with your console. Quick Tips has also been refreshed and reworked to better support those coming to the Xbox family of consoles for the first time. We can see these features being a big plus for new players coming in with the new consoles.

You can read more about the new Xbox update here.

Xbox's October update rolls out new profile themes

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