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Xbox's May update features revealed

The patch brings a bunch of changes to the friends list, messages, and the My Games and Apps sections.

  • Ben LyonsBen Lyons

The May 2019 update for Xbox and PC has been rolling out recently, bringing changes to a bunch of the platform's systems. Whilst we don't have the most extensive of update notes - since the team is focusing heavily on their E3 presentation - we do get to see some tweaks and alterations to key features.

First on the list is a minor but useful tweak to the friends list, which will notify users which platform friends are playing on. The small symbol can be easy to miss, but is located underneath the player's name on either the actual friend list or their respective profile.

Second on the list is a quality of life change to the message system, which will allow users to prioritise messages from the people you want to communicate with, whilst simultaneously moving all other messages to a 'requests section'. As an unfortunate by-product of this update, all previous group messages will be lost, requiring manual activation to archive them.

Finally, the update brings better sorting to the My Games & Apps section of the hub too, making it easier to find the game you want. The change will no longer use 'a', 'an', or 'the' when sorting in A-Z or group by letter systems, which means from now on users will find games such as A Plague Tale under P and no longer A.

How do you feel about these updated features?

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