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Xbox teases Fable for the Xbox Games Showcase

The music, the glitter, we know what you're up to Xbox.

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Xbox looks as if it is teasing some kind of Fable reveal at this year's Xbox Games Showcase via a new tweet. In the video on Twitter, we see a gamer looking down at a glitter-covered controller before making their way to a monitor showing the logo for the Xbox Games Showcase.

In the background, you can hear the music of Fable, and of course glitter is the way that you'd be guided to your objectives in the original game. So, it seems like this is a pretty clear tease from Xbox that we're seeing something Fable-related at the upcoming showcase.

Considering we've only seen a short cinematic teaser for the upcoming reboot of the franchise, it would be great to see more of Fable, but here's hoping it's not just another cinematic trailer reminding us the game exists.


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