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Xbox team doubles down on Series X backwards compatibility

After the big info dumps for both consoles, the media team at Xbox has been clarifying the console's position on backwards compatibility.

During the last console generation, there was no such thing as backwards compatibility. It simply wasn't a big deal. But then console players started looking enviously at their buddies playing on PC, who kept all of their games no matter if they upgraded computers.

Microsoft was the first to take the situation seriously and started the process in 2015, a couple of years into the lifecycle of the Xbox One, bringing a wealth of Xbox 360 and Xbox games to the platform. That dedication to backwards compatibility has been maintained, and the Xbox Series X will launch later this year with the feature already in place.

Sony is fully on board now and confirmed recently that when the PS5 lands it'll do so compatible with nearly 100 of the most popular PS4 titles, a move that prompted people to ask for clarification from Microsoft about the degree to which the Xbox Series X is compatible with old-gen games.

"Bring your favorite games with you to Xbox Series X! Simply connect your existing external USB hard drive to Xbox Series X and your entire library is instantly accessible," a company spokesperson wrote, before later clarifying: "Yes, any game that works on your Xbox One will download and work on your Xbox Series X."

When answering another Twitter user who asked whether all Xbox games would be playable on the Series X, the tweeter confirmed that it wouldn't include all previously released games, only those that are already backwards compatible:

"All games that are currently backwards compatible, yes. Plus all Xbox One games."

One option, as highlighted in the same string of tweets, is loading old-gen games onto an external Xbox One hard drive and then simply switching them across, with storage across both platforms more flexible (and more crucial to performance) than ever before. You can find out more about that in our article that compares the Xbox Series X and the PS5.

Xbox team doubles down on Series X backwards compatibility

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