Xbox subscription holders could be getting perks on Mixer

Phil Spencer isn't opposed to combining Xbox subscription-owned accounts with Mixer profiles for a Twitch Prime-resembling solution.

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Twitch's 'Twitch Prime' subscription is a hit on the streaming site, where viewers who have their gaming accounts linked can snag exclusive content through Twitch as a reward for paying for a subscription. On Twitter, user @WeirdCrusader asked Phil Spencer whether or not Microsoft would consider implementing a similar solution.

He asked: "Hey @XboxP3 was wondering if you considered using Game Pass/Gold for acquiring in-game content in @WatchMixer, kinda like Twitch Prime" to which Phil Spencer answered: "We are always listening and learning. Lot's of people have suggested we find some connection between XGPU and Mixer subs which makes a ton of sense, good ideas."

Now, this most likely isn't Spencer's choice to make in the end, but it doesn't seem like Microsoft is opposed to the integration. Would you like to see a solution like this?

Xbox subscription holders could be getting perks on Mixer

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