Kena: Bridge of Spirits

Xbox Series S/X games are getting a new box art layout

Now you get to see more of the actual artwork fronting the box art.

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Microsoft has seemingly decided to freshen up the game covers for Xbox Series S/X and has therefore slightly redesigned the layout.

As VGC notes, both the physical version of Clock Tower Rewind and yesterday's confirmed Xbox version of the PlayStation hit Kena: Bridge of Spirits (releasing August 15) feature a new type of cover where the format is no longer printed in black letters against a white surface in the top left corner, but now instead in white letters directly against the artwork in the top right corner.

This allows more of the image to be seen and gives a cleaner look. Check out below how it used to look, versus how it will apparently look in the future.

Kena: Bridge of SpiritsKena: Bridge of Spirits
New left, old right

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