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Xbox Series S/X controller seems to be out of stock in Europe

Not even the Microsoft Store seems to be selling any.

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Microsoft loves Xbox controllers and frequently releases them in various colours and other variations. With so many different options to choose from, one might think that getting a new one would be a breeze. But this isn't necessarily true. At least not right now.

As noticed on social media, it seems like the Xbox Series S/X controller is sold out across Europe. All options, which includes the basic black and white standard alternatives being gone as well. We did a quick survey amongst our Gamereactor editors across Europe, and we all got the same result; Nothing, nada, niente, nichts. Not even the Microsoft Store is selling controllers.

We have reached out to Microsoft to get a comment regarding this, but usually when video game hardware is selling out, it is because it is about to be refreshed. It is no secret that Microsoft has been working on a new controller for Xbox Series S/X with haptic feedback (which is offered on PlayStation 5), and a reasonable guess would be clearing out the old stock of regular controllers before replacing them with a new version.

Then again, we still suffer from the pandemic in various ways and there is also Russia's war against Ukraine causing disturbances - and it could also be related to this.

Xbox Series S/X controller seems to be out of stock in Europe

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