Xbox Series owners can rock the original Xbox dashboard now

It is called "The Original".

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Recently, Microsoft rolled out the May update for Xbox consoles, an update that introduced plenty of new features, including changes to the Quick Resume feature so that you can now easily find out which games you have using the system.

As part of the update, Xbox Series owners also received a new dynamic background called Motes, a sparkly looking background that probably caught the eye of quite a few people. But, now a true classic has also made its way to the dynamic backgrounds list, a background that is a version of the OG Xbox dashboard, known as "The Original".

This background originally debuted as an Xbox Insiders exclusive feature, but is now widely available for any Xbox Series owners to use as they see fit. You can check out a look at the background over here, courtesy of The Verge's Tom Warren.

Xbox Series owners can rock the original Xbox dashboard now

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