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Xbox & PlayStation discounts, plus new EA Humble Bundle

Some great titles are currently in the sales.

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If you are looking to expand your game collection - on any of the major platforms - then you're in luck, as there's currently a selection of sales and discounts on offer.

Xbox One or Xbox 360 owners this week - at least those with XBL Gold - will be able to choose from a selection of discounted titles. Metro 2033 Redux, NHL 15 ,The Evil Within and Defense Grid 2 are on sale with a prices down between 40% and 50% for Xbox One, while Xbox 360 owners can grab Metro: Last Light, Metro 2033, NHL 15 or The Evil Within at half price.

On PlayStation 4 there's an ongoing Easter Sale, with up to 70% off select games (and movies). The picks of the bunch include Diablo III and Dragon Age: Inquisition, there's deals on a selection of Telltale seasons, while Tomb Raider is on there for just under a tenner. Over on Nintendo's eShop there's a few special offers, but nothing of the same caliber as elsewhere.

Finally there's some nice offers for PC-owning gamers. First up EA are hoping to lure more gamers onto their Origin platform with a new Humble Bundle, and for less then a fiver you can grab top quality titles including Mass Effect 2, Dragon Age II and Dead Space 2 (with more to be announced next week).

Metro ReduxMetro ReduxMetro Redux

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