Xbox One gets Xbox 360 backwards compatibility

Coming this holiday season. No added cost, list of games that work will continue to grow.

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Microsoft's announced that Xbox 360 backwards compatibility is coming to Xbox One this winter, with games running natively on Xbox One.

As with Xbox 360's backwards compatibility with Xbox games, there'll be a growing list of select titles that'll work on the scheme, with "over 100" promised come launch.

While Microsoft state it's simply a case of putting your Xbox 360 disc into the console, it's unclear if you can just start playing straight away, or once the system checks to see if the game's part of the list you need to download something extra. But apparently you will be able to download digital purchases as well. This may only cover retail titles rather than Xbox Live Arcade games.

Microsoft has confirmed that there'll no added cost to play the previous gen games on the system, and publishers will only have to approve titles to allow them to appear on the backwards compatibility list.

You'll get Xbox One features as well for these titles, like the ability to take screenshots, record clips and broadcast your gameplay.

Preview members will be able to try it out on a small number of titles now, with more than 100 games joining the list come the full launch this winter, and you'll be able to submit what titles you want added to the list through a Feedback system.

Xbox One gets Xbox 360 backwards compatibility

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