Xbox One game streaming hits Oculus Rift next month

Soon you can play Xbox One games in a virtual world.

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Microsoft's ongoing partnership with Oculus is reaching its height next month, and owners of both an Oculus Rift and an Xbox One will be able to stream Xbox One games directly into their Rift.

The app is called Xbox One Streaming to Oculus Rift, and it supports all available Xbox One and 360 backwards compatible games. It simply transports you into one of three different environments, Citadel, Retreat, or Dome, and lets you play on a big screen.

The Oculus app only works with Xbox One consoles connected to the same network as your Rift, meaning if you've got a dodgy internet connection it probably won't work very well. The service is set to drop on December 12, just in time for you when you open your brand-new Oculus Rift on Christmas day. Is the big screen appealing to you?

Xbox One game streaming hits Oculus Rift next month

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