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Xbox on cloud gaming: "We have a long and rich roadmap"

xCloud on web browsers will be exiting beta in the "next few weeks."

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One thing that Microsoft made clear to us during a pre-E3 press conference is that its future is committed to cloud-based technology. Its xCloud service might only be in its infancy, but the company has big plans for it in the very near future to enable users across the world to play the latest AAA titles regardless of what device they own.

During the presentation, Kareem Choudhry, CVP for Cloud Gaming at Microsoft, said: "We have a long and rich roadmap." He then continued to list four exciting new ways in which the company plans to expand its cloud service in 2021.

Kareem revealed that cloud gaming for Game Pass Ultimate subscribers will soon be made available in Australia, Mexico, Brazil, and Japan. He also detailed that later this year the cloud will be coming to the Xbox app on PC and it will be integrated into consoles to enable players to try games before committing to download them.

The third thing mentioned was that xCloud on browsers will be exiting beta in the "next few weeks" and will be available to all Ultimate members in supported markets. He said that this will enable users to be "just a click away from Xbox on a range of devices, even on iPhones." Finally, it was revealed that the Xbox Series X will be powering all devices through the cloud and things are in the "final stages of internal testing" with upgrades for Ultimate subscribers to come in the "next few weeks."

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Xbox on cloud gaming: "We have a long and rich roadmap"

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