Xbox may not have been involved Redfall's development

This doesn't mean the company is going to be dodging criticism.

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A new report suggests that Xbox may not have had any involvement in Redfall's development at all, essentially leaving ZeniMax and Arkane to run itself despite being completely acquired by Microsoft years ago.

The report comes from Jez Corden of Windows Central, who states that Xbox was entirely hands-off with the project, and that it wasn't even a part of Xbox Game Studios' director Matt Booty's responsibilities.

Microsoft has consistently stated that it wishes to keep a good level of independence in the studios that it acquires, but it still seems strange that it had its hands completely off a huge game like Redfall, which many were hoping would carry Xbox's AAA releases until we got Starfield.

Believe what you will, but whether Xbox got involved or not with Redfall, it isn't going to save the game from the criticism it's currently getting.


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