Xbox is launching its mobile store in July

The highly anticipated digital storefront is making its way to your devices in a couple of months.

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Things aren't looking good for Xbox right now. Following nearly 2000 layoffs, four studio closures, and reportedly no plans of slowing down on the cuts, fans aren't exactly best pleased with the green team at the time of writing.

This isn't going to stop Xbox from the plans it already has in the works, though, and as Sarah Bond told Bloomberg, there's a major development in the works for July. Specifically, it's the Xbox mobile store.

Now that other companies are allowed to put their own stores on Apple and Android devices, Xbox is looking to make waves in the mobile gaming space. Now that it has ownership of King, too, we can expect there to be some mobile exclusives coming to the Xbox store as well.

Will you be downloading the Xbox mobile store?

Xbox is launching its mobile store in July

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