Xbox is also getting Discord

Voice chat on consoles and PC will be a lot easier moving forward.

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It's been well over a year since PlayStation took many by surprise when they invested in Discord and brought the popular service over to consoles earlier this year. Not that it means Xbox players are out of luck.

Because Microsoft has announced that Discord is also making its way to the Xbox One and Xbox Series. In fact, some Insider members can try out what's specifically Discord Voice right now.

All you have to do when the time comes is go to "Parties & chats" where you'll find a new option simply titled "Try Discord Voice on Xbox". Scan the QR code and it'll set up a two-way link between your Discord and Xbox accounts. This means we won't exactly get Discord on our console, but at least it makes it a lot easier to chat with each other on Xbox and PC. Quite handy considering how much more prominent cross-play is these days.

Xbox is also getting Discord

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