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Xbox has "two unannounced licensed IP titles" in development

On top of the already announced Indiana Jones.

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A lot of Microsoft's future plans for Xbox were leaked earlier this month during the FTC vs. Microsoft trials regarding the acquisition of Activision Blizzard. But it seems like they have a lot more planned than that we still haven't heard anything about.

As noticed by Timur222 on X, a former Microsoft employee who left the company earlier this year and was involved in several high-profile titles (including Microsoft Flight Simulator, Halo Infinite and Grounded), has now revealed via her LinkedIn profile that she also worked on "two unannounced licensed IP titles". As Indiana Jones has already been revealed, it's not one of them.

This leaves room for a lot of speculation, but there was a rumour last year stating that Microsoft was working on a Mandalorian title. Xbox has done quite a lot of things with Mandalorian like special controllers and even consoles, so it wouldn't seem too farfetched that they would actually also have a game coming.

If this would happen, which studio do you think would be most suited for the task of creating an interesting adventure? Arkane Studios, The Coalition, id Software, Obsidian Entertainment, Rare or some other one? And is there any IP in particular you are hoping will be one of the two unannounced titles?

Xbox has "two unannounced licensed IP titles" in development

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