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Xbox gets full library revamp and customisable button colour with September update

The new update has now been released and adds plenty of exciting features.

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Microsoft has just announced that the September update for the Xbox consoles has started to roll out. As usual, this means new features, where the two major ones are a fun but surely appreciated addition, while the second one seems to be an improvement of quality of life.

The first one is related to Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 - Core, which was released yesterday. It turns out it has a really cool feature, which is customisable Xbox button colour. There are "over 16 million hues of light" and you can play around with this in the Xbox Accessories app on your PC and Xbox with the controller connected. The Xbox Achievement master Stallion83 shows a couple of examples of what this looks like on Twitter, which you can check out further down.

Another new feature is Full library, which lets you view everything you have to play, including everything installed, everything on Game Pass, all your claimed Xbox Games with Gold titles, EA Access and so on. There are also way more powerful filters in your library so you easily can get games based on things like how many players they support, genres, if they are enhanced for Xbox Series S/X (or even Xbox One X) and a whole lot more.

You also get better tools for multiple storage options so you can set one as default, or simply let the Xbox decide which one that makes most sense. Finally, we want to highlight the new "Turn off after X minutes of activity" option. If everyone uses this and reduces their idle time, we will save quite a lot of energy (good for both environment and wallets), which we frankly do need in Europe for the time being.

There are even more things added in the September update, and you can read all bout this on Xbox Wire.

Xbox gets full library revamp and customisable button colour with September update

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