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Xbox Game Studios starts new team focused on exclusive cloud-games

The team aims to create "cloud-native games" that "bring unprecedented experiences to players".

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One of the features you get with Game Pass Ultimate is Xbox Cloud Gaming, basically a way to play your favourite games on PC, Android, iOS or console whenever you have a decent Wi-Fi connection.

So far, most of the games coming to Game Pass is getting cloud support and it is also continuously being added to older titles available through the subscription service - but it seems like we can expect exclusives as well in the future. Microsoft has now started a focused team dedicated to cloud-native game development of exclusive titles.

This group is being led by Kim Swift, who was hired as cloud gaming director last year, and previously has been involved in the development of classics like Portal and Left 4 Dead 2. She says that "cloud gaming is still in its infancy" while also adding that her team will "partner with world class game development teams to develop cloud-native games to bring unprecedented experiences to players that can only be achieved with cloud technology."

It has been rumoured that Xbox Game Studios will publish Hideo Kojima's next title, which supposedly is a cloud based title - something that certainly seem fitting with this new effort from Microsoft.

Xbox Game Studios starts new team focused on exclusive cloud-games

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