Back 4 Blood

Xbox Game Pass "was a big piece" of Back 4 Blood's success

We talked with Lianne Papp to learn more about the latest update and what may come in the future.

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At the latest Fun & Serious Game Festival we got the chance to catch up with Turtle Rock Studios' executive producer Lianne Papp, who had a panel dedicated to explain her very role, one that is not as well-known as those of artists and developers, but many times the most important to a project's success. And precisely speaking about Back 4 Blood's success with over 6 million players, we tried to measure how much did being on Xbox Game Pass favour that achievement.

"I think the beauty of Game Pass is something that we are able to benefit from", admits Papp in the Gamereactor interview below, "and what I mean by that is, if you are a Game Pass subscriber, you suddenly have this low-barrier entry to trying a bunch of games (...) so anybody that was either on the fence about us, or maybe has never played a co-op zombie shooter, they were all able to try it and maybe they found something that spoke to them. And so I do think that that was massive, because it suddenly you didn't have to put down the price tag of the game to play it. So I do think that that was a big piece of it and I'm very excited to see that they're continuing to use it. In this household, we love it!", she concludes, "it's significant".


In the interview we also talk about the recent 19.1.2 free update, where "you are be able to log into the game offline, not connected to any servers, play through, earn your supply points, work through your deck, unlock cards and everything, and then if you come back online, you bring that progress with you". Later this year the Tunnels of Terror DLC brings more content and "a couple of new cleaners (their personalities are a lot of fun)" and some other ways to "enhance the game", including several new ways to use and train the different card builds.

Towards the end of the interview, we also wanted to hear Papp's opinion on It Takes Two, seeing how both Turtle Rock and Hazelight are co-op-focused, but in a very different way. Will you keep playing B4B into 2022?

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