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Xbox Game Pass' success likely to impact the console wars

Sony has most definitely dominated our current console generation but that could change this time around due to the Xbox subscription service.

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Earlier this year we reported on the fact that Microsoft's subscription-based service Xbox Game Pass, which is available in three different variations (including one for PC), had managed to amass 10 million subscribers. While that's most likely not enough to boost Microsoft's console sales to those of main competitor Sony this generation, it could impact the next-generation console sales immensely.

If one was to look at the way we enjoy TV as a medium and compare that to games, it's easy to realise the success of Microsoft's initiative. Whereas Xbox Game Pass hit 10 million subscribers in April, Sony's counterpart PlayStation Now reached 2.2 million players. Surely, there are more things to take into account when speculating about next-generation sales such as brand loyalty and platform exclusives, but the success of Xbox Game Pass can't be negated.

Thanks, Business Insider.

Xbox Game Pass' success likely to impact the console wars

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