Xbox Game Pass has over 10 million subscribers

Over 10 million gamers want to experience the advantages of Xbox's Game Pass subscription service.

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Xbox Game Pass is a fantastic service for gamers as, no matter how many games one does or does not own, the service has something one has yet to try. Therefore, it's also a great hub for those having just bought themselves a console for the first time and don't want to spend too much on games for it. It's not just small indies and older titles that lurk in the Game Pass shadows either. For example, Rockstar's Red Dead Redemption 2 is set to release for the service on May 7.

Plenty of people have found this to be true as well, as Microsoft's CEO Satya Nadella revealed (via gamesindustry.biz) that the service has surpassed 10 million subscribers during the recent earnings call. Apart from that impressive figure, Xbox Live has seen nearly 90 million active users during the last quarter and Xcloud already has hundreds of thousands of active beta users.

Xbox Game Pass has over 10 million subscribers

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