Xbox Family App launches for iOS and Android

After lots of testing, parents can now get a better understanding of what their little ones are up to.

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Microsoft has just announced the full release of the Xbox Family App on both iOS and Android devices. The app currently supports Xbox One and will naturally work on the Xbox Series S/X at launch on November 10.

If you've not heard of it before, it's a useful little app that gives parents oversight and control over their children's online presence on Xbox. Given the dangers faced by young people as they navigate the online world, it looks like a great way of keeping an eye on what they're doing and, more importantly, who they're talking to.

Parents will be able to manage friends lists, accept and decline friend requests, adjust content filters, and control the amount of screen time they have and even when they have it. Kids can also request more time to play, which can be granted as desired via the app.

More details about the new service can be found over at Xbox.com and you'll find download links for both iOS and Android apps here. There's also an instructional video about the app attached above.

Xbox Family App launches for iOS and Android

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