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Xbox announces price increase in Japan

A worrying sign of more potential price hikes.

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Xbox has revealed it is upping the price of its Xbox Series X and Series S consoles in Japan by around 5,000 yen each, with the former moving from a suggested retail price of 54,978 yen to 59,978 yen, and the latter increasing from 32,278 yen to 37,978 yen.

In a statement, transcribed by Gematsu, Microsoft said "this price revision affects our customers and was a difficult decision to make, but going forward we will continue to provide the ultimate Xbox experience that our customers expect."

The company stated that the reasoning behind the price hike was due to a careful evaluation of the "market condition in Japan." We've seen similar increases in the prices of consoles on Sony's side of things, as last year it increased the PS5 price by around 10%. It always seemed as well that a similar increase from Xbox would be a matter of when and not if.

Xbox announces price increase in Japan

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