XBLA Spelunky "after summer"

Creator explains title's whereabouts

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There was a few expected faces that didn't make it into the Summer of Arcade show-reel this year, one of which being Spelunky.

The puzzle platformer, a mix of Indiana Jones and Mr.Driller, was a hit on PC when it was released in 2008, and for the past while creator Derek Yu has been steadily at work remaking the game for XBLA.

It looked a perfect fit for Microsoft's annual Summer of Arcade, a five-week highlight reel release window held for some of the best titles on the platform. So why wasn't Spelunky there?

"I was told Summer of Arcade is tough to get into," explains Spelunky creator Derek Yu, "and it didn't really jive with our schedule, anyway."

He assures the game's still on target for a XBLA release however. "Our plan is still to release the game this year, but sometime after summer."

Yu also pointed out that the game's debut XBLA trailer has just been released. You can watch it here.


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