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X019 tickets go on sale on October 1

This grants access to the event at London's Copper Box Arena, promising to have plenty to talk about.

X019 is the upcoming show from Microsoft in which we can expect to see plenty of announcements, including the first gameplay for Age of Empires 4, hosted at London's Copper Box Arena between November 14 and 16, and now we know when tickets will be on sale.

This came from a tweet telling us that they'll go on sale on October 1 at 06:00 PDT (14:00 BST), with 100% of the proceeds going to the SpecialEffect charity, helping disabled gamers enjoy their hobby.

You can find out more details on the X019 page, which also tells us that the tickets will cost £19 per session.

Xbox marketing manager Aaron Greenberg told us at Gamescom that this will be the "biggest Inside Xbox show of the year", so be prepared to see plenty at the event.

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X019 tickets go on sale on October 1

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