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X019 includes news on 12 Xbox Game Studios titles

New reveals will be included, alongside details for PC users, Project xCloud news, and much more.

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Microsoft is hosting its X019 event on November 14, dedicated to all things gaming (not just Xbox, as PC will also be included), and now they've shared a teaser indicating what we can expect on Thursday night.

We'll get word on 12 Xbox Game Studios titles, including new reveals and PC, and there will also be new Game Pass reveals for PC and Xbox. On top of that, we're promised "big Project xCloud news", but what that could mean is a mystery.

If you want to know more you'll have to tune in on Thursday night at 20:00 GMT (21:00 CET) to get all of the news, and of course we'll be reporting on it all here at Gamereactor.

Will you be tuning in?

X019 includes news on 12 Xbox Game Studios titles

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