Rainbow Six: Siege

Wylde affirms its commitment to Rainbow Six: Siege esports

The team is "actively recruiting for Europe League 2024."

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The esports organisation, Wylde, has put out a statement to affirm to fans that it is still committed to the competitive Rainbow Six: Siege scene. The team has confirmed that it is currently in the process of recruiting for Europe League 2024 and that it has strong partnerships with Ubisoft and tournament organiser BLAST.

"WYLDE continues to be committed to Rainbow Six Siege and is actively recruiting for Europe League 2024 on the principles of integrity, professionalism, and ambition. Our strong, strategic partnerships with Ubisoft and BLAST are based on respect, trust, and mutual understanding.

"At all times, WYLDE has and will continue to respect and support our players and, in return, demand that the highest professional standards are upheld at all times by our WYLDE roster."

There is no mention as to who Wylde is targeting for its upcoming Rainbow Six roster.

Rainbow Six: Siege

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