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WWE 2K23

WWE 2K23 seems to be coming in March

And is reported to be revealed later this month.

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2K Games is getting back to launching WWE games on a yearly basis it seems, as a new report from Insider Gaming has stated that WWE 2K23 is both expected to be shown off later this month and then launching in March.

The report claims that 2K will be showing off the game on the day of the Royal Rumble on January 28 in San Antonio, Texas, with further information coming a little later on February 1 as part of a more detailed showing.

On top of the typical annual improvements, WWE 2K23 is supposed to feature a new game mode, although the finer details relating to this have yet to be clarified.

To add to this, the release is then said to be planned for March, with the game likely coming to current and last-gen consoles and PC, but we'll have confirmation on all of this when/if the reported event takes place in a few weeks.

WWE 2K23

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