WWE 2K22

WWE 2K22 announced during Wrestlemania

The series makes a return after taking a year off in 2020.

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It was a great weekend for all wrestlingmarks as it was time for the highlight of the year - WrestleMania 37. 2K Sports had confirmed beforehand that they would announce WWE 2K22 during the show, which is an incredibly important game on their behalf.

The reason for this is that WWE 2K20 was released in such an unfinished state that it was borderline playable. This resulted in WWE 2K21 being cancelled and replaced by WWE 2K Battlegrounds, to get extgra development time for the nextr major game. So how does it look?

Well, 2K Games did keep their promise, but that was about it. The teaser below was shown without formats, and we didn't get to know more that Rey Mysterio and Cesaro will be in the game. Take a look below. More information is promised "soon."

WWE 2K22

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