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League of Legends

Wuhan to host League of Legends' Worlds 2021 Finals

Whilst still being a while off, the location has been set for the main event in League's annual esport calendar.

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It has been reported that the Chinese city of Wuhan will be the hosts of the 2021 League of Legends' World Championship Finals. This follows on from the 2020 Worlds of which were held in Shanghai, China due to the country's ability to handle the strain Covid-19 put on its people well enough to be able to engage in hosting larger international events.

The official date for the 2021 Worlds event is still undetermined, however, if consistency is anything to draw from, we can expect to see Worlds taking place between late-September through October, as it did this year, and usually does most years.

The 2021 World Championship is still a long way off, and if this year has taught us anything, we should assume that nothing is certain and that should issues arise again, this could be moved. With that being said, for the time being, League fans can look forward to knowing the biggest tournament in the League calendar year has a venue, and will be played on LAN - at least for now anyway.

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League of Legends
Photo: LoL Esports

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