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Wreckfest & Zombieland free to play on Xbox One this weekend

Try before you buy as new games are made available via the Free Play Days promo.

Don't know what to play this weekend and feel like trying out something new in a try-before-you-buy kind of way? Fear not, Microsoft has a very wallet-friendly offer in the form of its Free Play Days promotion, which gives you no less than two games to download and enjoy at no cost if you have Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

The first one is the demolition racing game Wreckfest, and the other one is Zombieland: Double Tap - Road Trip, a twin-stick shooter which can be played co-op by up to four people who have to face hordes of the undead. As you might expect, both games are also for sale during this period, and you will keep your save file as well.


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