Wreckfest is having a collaboration with Carmageddon

A match made in hell!

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According to publisher THQ Nordic and developer Bugbear Entertainment, the crazy racing game Wreckfest is having a collaboration with the old classic vehicular combat title, Carmageddon.

"Carmageddon has come to Wreckfest! Celebrate the start of a new Tournament season and relive the legendary #Carmageddon series.

Raise hell and earn your reward in #Wreckfest's new Carnage Accumulator mode", wrote THQ Nordic.

Two free tracks "Bleck City" and "Death Canyon" plus one iconic vehicle "Eagle R" from the 1997 classic title will be introduced into Wreckfest via this collaboration, and players can challenge 2 different activities. Check the details below:

The Monthly Event: CARNAGE ACCUMULATOR Set in "Bleak City", players are free to roam the map and have three minutes to score as many points as possible by wrecking AI cars and eliminating green-blooded zombies.

Weekly Events: DEATH RACE
A number of racing events set in either Bleak City or Death Canyon, in which the players will race from checkpoint to checkpoint with the "Eagle R" and cause as much carnage as they can along the way by wrecking rivals and eliminating green-blooded zombies.

Are you looking forward to giving it a try?


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