WRC 7 shows off Epic Stages in new trailer

It sounds like a real endurance test for rally fans.

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Bigben Interactive and Kylotonn have released a video for WRC 7 featuring the new Citroën C3 World Rally racing car driving along the El Chocolate track, one of the game's so-called Epic Stages. El Chocolate is about 55 km long in real life and has been adapted into the new WRC instalment with a total length of a 18.46 km (roughly a third of that amount). You'll need over 15 minutes to complete one of these tracks and that's where the word 'epic' comes in handy, as most modern rally games usually have stages that end at 10-15 km, but WRC 7 will expand this experience, as Kylotonn's Game Director Alain Jarniou explains:

"The idea of WRC 7's Epic Stages is really to response to fans of rallying and WRC who for several years have been asking us for tracks that are longer and closer to a real rally experience."

"These special stages, which are longer than 20 km and last for more than 15 minutes of gameplay, are certain to test the players' endurance. It's also interesting to find all these different conditions in one single, solitary special stage."

You can watch the new Citroën on the Mexican stage right here at Gamereactor. What do you make of these stages?


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