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WRC 3 coming October

New screens, a trailer and a date.

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PQube and Milestone have announced that World Rally Championship 3 is to be released in the UK on October 12, across Xbox 360, Playstation 3, PS Vita and PC.


WRC 3 will feature more than 50 official teams (from WRC, Class 2 & 3), over 35 different car models, all of the tracks from this year's championship, and a brand new career mode.

The aforementioned career mode is to break up into three different game modes; The Road to Glory is a mix of racing and management, perfect for those who prefer a more in-depth experience. WRC Experience will put gamers behind the wheel for an entire Rally season. WRC Online features a variety of multiplayer modes.


Sébastien Pellicano, WRC 3's Game Director said: "The game includes a totally renewed lighting effects system that guarantees higher in-game standards.  The new engine, in fact, allows  to model lighting, particle effects and other real-world characteristics to create an in-game virtual reality, offering complete immersion in the WRC universe."

"Furthermore, the cars themselves showcase new modelling techniques - they had never looked so realistic . We've streamlined every aspect of the game to give new players an instant gameplay satisfaction, while still allowing experienced rally gamers to explore the game's full range of features and drive a WRC car from the comfort of their own home."


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