Woven available to back on Kickstarter

"No compromises will be taken when it comes to the feeling we want you to have while playing".

Woven, the cute woollen adventure from Alterego Games and Digital Forest, is now live on Kickstarter for interested players to back.

Woven is a unique and modern spin on point and click adventure games and you explore a knitted world where stuffed animals live. Customisation options are available throughout, allowing you to mix body parts to solve puzzles and confront the dangers beneath this seemingly safe world.

"We've been working for the last year on getting together a playable build of Woven, to show what exactly it is we're aiming to achieve with the game. The team and I are incredibly excited to share this with the public on the launch of our Kickstarter and we hope that you love the game. We are all totally committed to make Woven as much of a unique experience, for everyone who plays it, as possible. ." said Creative Director of Woven Vincent da Silva.

The world of Woven consists of different fabrics and the player takes control of a mysterious robot called Glitch who meets a stuffed elephant called Stuffy. The player will get to discover Glitch's origin as well as other dangerous and mysterious things that will bind the duo's fate.

If you're interested you can check out their official website or download the demo via Steam.

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