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Worms WMD

Worms WMD blasts its way onto the Switch

It's coming later this year, with plenty of content included.

Worms WMD released just over a year ago and meant the very welcomed return of the series to its strategic, hilarious roots, as you can learn by reading our review. So now, with so many successful indie titles releasing on the Nintendo Switch, and given its ready-to-go local multiplayer appeal, many wondered why Team17 hadn't announced such a fitting port yet, but now we know it's coming.

Worms WMD for Switch was officially announced today with the trailer below, and will release "later this year". Besides all last year's content on either TV mode or handheld, the turn-based game also includes the new Space theme, new forts made of Mushroom or Tree, and a good bunch of customisation options (including the gravestones, of course).

Will you be playing Worms on the go with the Joy-Cons? Leave a comment below.

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