Worms Rumble
Featured: E3 2021 Coverage

Worms Rumble is heading to Nintendo Switch later this month

Its release will coincide with a new arena called Spaceport Showdown.

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During Nintendo's E3 Direct last night we got a look at many third-party games that would be making their way over to the Nintendo Switch. One of these games was Worms Rumble, the first entry within the popular series to feature real-time action. Worms Rumble also features giant 32-player battles and cross-play between PlayStation consoles and PC.

The game is set to arrive on the hybrid machine on June 23 and its release will coincide with a new arena called Spaceport Showdown. According to a press release, this new arena features a randomly generated low-gravity mechanic. We can see this being problematic to get caught up in, especially with players roaming around the map and gunning each other down.

If you pre-order Rumble ahead of release then you will receive a hefty 25% discount. Usually, the game would be £10.99, but you can grab it for £8.24 for a limited period.

Worms Rumble

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