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League of Legends

Worlds set back by an hour on day three

Five technical faults occurred over the course of the day.

Day three of the League of Legends Worlds was severely dampened by the plethora of technical issues that appeared over the course of the day, with five in total amounting to around an hour of stoppages.

For one of them, Riot had to utilise their impressive Chronobreak tool, which allows them to rewind the game to right before a bug occurs, saving the players and spectators from the fury of a full restart.

In a statement, Riot said that the majority of these issues were caused by network problems, but that's not due to the fact they were playing in China, meaning it's down to Riot's own infrastructure.

Riot doesn't have a definite fix, but they're "working on investigating those issues further and plan on putting in place solutions to help avoid future disruptions in play.". Let's hope day four goes smoother.

League of Legends

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