League of Legends

Worlds 2023 said to be the most watched esports tournament ever

With over six million concurrent viewers at one time.

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The topic of the esports world over the past 24 hours has been the League of Legends World Championship, which has now concluded and seen T1 taking the victory, after defeating Weibo Gaming. Now that the major event is in the books, it has been reported by Esports Charts that Worlds 2023 has now taken the record for being the most watched esports event of all-time too.

It's said that the event managed to peak during the finals with almost 6.5 million viewers at one time, and that the average viewer number was 1.3 million. In total, over its 117 hours of airtime, the event also drew in 147 million hours watched, and the really impressive part about these stats is that this is without including the data from Chinese platforms, and while being held at a time that is generally unfavourable for the majority of American viewers.

It's clear that despite being over 10 years into its competitive lifespan, League of Legends remains one of, if not the most popular esports title on the scene.

League of Legends

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