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League of Legends

Worlds 2017 - Weekend round-up

The groups are in full flow, and plenty of games have been played.

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The World Championships for League of Legends (also known as the Worlds) are in progress right now, with the group stages pitting some of the best teams against each other to see who can advance in the competition, and over the weekend plenty of action took place across all four groups.

On Friday NA giants Cloud9 and Korean goliath SK Telecom T1 had their fair share of success, as the former took down ahq E-sports and the latter defeated Edward Gaming. SKT didn't have it totally easy, though, as Edward Gaming proved to be a difficult match, but they proved their worth by sealing another victory.

Another Korean team that saw success that day was Longzhu Gaming, who beat Gigabyte Marines, while Immortals took down Fnatic in the same group, adding to a good day for the NA teams, as fellow NA side TSM also beat Flash Wolves. Lastly, Team WE also beat Misfits to make it a worse day for EU sides.

TSM took this success into the third day of the group stages, too, beating out Team WE, while Misfits also made up for their loss by registering their own win over Flash Wolves. There's no prizes for guessing who won between SK Telecom T1 and ahq E-sports, though, and Cloud9 vs Edward Gaming saw the NA team win in the same group too. On top of that, G2 Esports vs 1907 Fenerbahçe saw the former recover some confidence, while Royal Never Give Up dealt Samsung Galaxy a defeat in the same group.

Yesterday Misfits continued their good run of form by producing a somewhat surprising win over Team SoloMid, while Team WE also gave Flash Wolves another loss in the same group. Elsewhere 1907 Fenerbahçe fell victim to another Korean side, Samsung Galaxy, while G2 fell underneath the force of Royal Never Give Up.

Fnatic continued their poor run of form with a loss against Longzhu Gaming, a pretty convincing one for the Korean side too, but Immortals saw better luck against Gigabyte Marines, clawing some success back for team NA.

Where does this leave the groups though? Well, in Group A SK Telecom T1 are the team with a flawless record, sitting top with 3-0 next to their name, while Cloud9, ahq, and Edward Gaming all have a decreasing amount of wins respectively. In Group B Longzhu Gaming are the team with the 3-0 record, with the same decreasing amount of wins for Immortals, Gigabyte Marines, and Fnatic respectively, the pattern also continuing for Group C, moving from Royal Never Give Up to Samsung Galaxy, G2 Esports, and eventually 1907 Fenerbahçe at the bottom.

Group D breaks the mould by keeping the records extremely close, as TSM, Team WE, and Misfits all sit on 2-1 records, with Flash Wolves sitting behind them all at 0-3. This makes D the closest group by far, and perhaps the most intense, but we'll just have to see what happens when the group stages continue on October 12.

Have any of these results shocked you?

League of Legends
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